Thu, Oct 24, 2019
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How to cancel the Hypothecation on your car

When you take a loan to buy a car, your car by default comes with a print of "Hypothecated to so and so bank" on its Registration Card. The procedure to get that cancelled is as below

1. First of all repay your loan :-)

2. Then ask the bank to give a no dues certificate along with their stamps on form 35 of the RTO. The Banks normally has form 35 with them

3. Attach the following to the form

  • One passport size photograph
  • Left hand thumb impression
  • Copy of car insurance
  • Copy of PUC
  • Copy of raod tax receipt
  • And submit the original Registration card with the form

4. Submit all this to the RTO and you are done. You should get the new RC book within a week or so.


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