Thu, Apr 18, 2019
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Parallel parking in 5 easy steps


Nowadays many cities in India are making it compulsory to park cars in parallel. Here are 5 easy steps on how to do it along with a neat diagram to explain it :-)

Step 1 - First of all align the front wheel of your car with the car in front. The horizontal distance in between the two cars should be approximately 2 feet.
Step 2 - Take a full left in reverse till your front door crosses the rear bumper of the car in front
Step 3 - Straighten the steering wheel and continue to back straight till your front tire crosses the rear bumper of the front car
Step 4 - Now take a full right turn in reverse direction. You will have to adjust your turn a bit so that you dont hit the front car.
Step 5 - Once you are in, adjust the car a bit by going back and forth in a straight line.


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