Sun, May 26, 2019
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Papers required while buying a two wheeler

Hello Friends,

You need to produce following documents in order to buy a two wheeler-

Ø Documents required by R.T.O for registration of vehicle

1. Passport size photo

2. Attested copy of ID proof (License/Pan card)

3. Permanent Address proof : Any one -

·         Attested copy of vote’s card

·         Attested copy of passport

·         Attested copy of LIC policy.

Ø  Alternative proofs if the above proofs are not available

·         Attested copy of Electricity Bill

·         Attested copy of Phone Bill(BSNL Land Line)

·         Attested copy of Ration card

·         Attested copy of House Tax Receipt from corporation

·         Attested copy of Index II 

Ø  Additional documents for Non Resident of a City

1. Attested copy of registered Rent Agreement

2.  Attested copy of owners Light Bill

3. Original Company’s Letter/College Bonafide

4. Original Affidavit 

So go ahead and enjoy the ride.....

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