Sun, May 26, 2019
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Electricity Electricity

What to do if you have a billing dispute or want a new connection. Read about it here.

MSEB Electricity Meter Transfer

On buying a re-sale flat, it is very important to transfer the MSEB Electricity meter to your name otherwise you will not get the light bill in your name. Any why is that important, because a light bill is considered as address proof at n number of offices. The procedure is quite simple.

  1. Visit the nearest MSEB office and get the transfer form and fill it up. Attach the following
  2. Either the latest propery tax receipt (that you might have paid) or the index II (you get this when you register the house)
  3. No Objection certificate from the Society
  4. Agreement Copy.
  5. Get an acknowledgement from them that you have submitted the form

Submit this to the MSEB office and keep an eye on the next light bill. If the name does not get changed then visit the office again with the acknowledgement :-). It normally takes a month or two to get transferred