Sun, May 26, 2019
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MSEB Meter Transfer - New process

Process for Electricity Bill Transfer:

1. Fill up the form A-1 and U available at
2. You will need seller’s signature on form U section 3 (b) – consent of security deposit transfer on buyer’s name
3. Attach the true copy of sale deed along with this form
4. Attach a Rs 100 affidavit as undertaking, format available at or with me.
5. Submit these document to any CFC (consumer facilitation center) of Mahadiscom. I did it at CFC near to Kunal Icon, Pune
6. They will give you a printed receipt as acknowledgment
7. After 2 months or so you will get a call on the number provided in the form to pay a transfer fee
8. I paid it at Pimpri Electricity office (near nav Maharashtra school) of Rs 26
9. Take a photocopy and submit it at CFC again
10. Next month electricity bill will be on your name.

By Ashish Paretha 


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