Thu, Oct 24, 2019
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Electricity Electricity

What to do if you have a billing dispute or want a new connection. Read about it here.

MSEB Meter Transfer - New process

Process for Electricity Bill Transfer:

1. Fill up the form A-1 and U available at
2. You will need seller’s signature on form U section 3 (b) – consent of security deposit transfer on buyer’s name
3. Attach the true copy of sale deed along with this form
4. Attach a Rs 100 affidavit as undertaking, format available at or with me.
5. Submit these document to any CFC (consumer facilitation center) of Mahadiscom. I did it at CFC near to Kunal Icon, Pune
6. They will give you a printed receipt as acknowledgment
7. After 2 months or so you will get a call on the number provided in the form to pay a transfer fee
8. I paid it at Pimpri Electricity office (near nav Maharashtra school) of Rs 26
9. Take a photocopy and submit it at CFC again
10. Next month electricity bill will be on your name.

By Ashish Paretha 


MSEB Electricity Meter Transfer

Dear Sir/ Madam,

 Recently I purchased a flat & want to get the MSEB meter transfered to my name though when I went to the office to submit transfer request form, was told to pay a fee of about 2100/- to get the meter transfered under my name. Was little confused as I thought this would only require couple of credentials & a fees of not more than Rs. 200-300/-

Is this mandatory each time when a person wants to get meter transfered?

 Any advise/ information will be appreciated.


mseb electric bill error- type reading FAULTY

Hi All,

I an a tenant in thane and took one flat on rent in may2011. 

The flat was locked (no electric appliances at all) in april and march so meter reading was very less (3 or4).

But I received electric bill with 150 units i.e. rs800 reading tab in the bill saying FAULTY.

you can get this type of bill in following scenarios.

1. If your flat was locked for month and reading is very less.

2. photo on the electric bill is not clear.

 You need to do following things to get it correct


1. Have your bill in front of you


2. check on the toll free number or any other contact number mentioned on the bill 25829390 (thane)

3. Get 

MSEB transfer form

Hi All,

Recently I have purchased new flat.I found purchasing new flat is easy than completing all the formalities. To reduce others efforts I am glad to share MSEB transfer document form. You will find some of the pages are not straight but the form itself is like that so I can't help it. ;-). You can click on the pdf icon to view and download MSEB transfer form.