Thu, Apr 18, 2019
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Documents required for Cooperative Housing Society Registration

Documents to be handed over to a cooperative housing society on being registered.

  • A list of sold and unsold flats, shopd, garages with the area and value of each.
  • Bank Balance Certificate
  • Building Occupation Certificate.
  • A Certificate regarding clear and marketable Title of the Property from a Solicitor / Advocate of good standing.Stat
  • Correspondance regarding Municipal Assessment of the Property by the Municipal taxes, that includes fixation of Reteable Value papers.
  • Detailed Statement of Accounts of:
    a) The amount collected from the Promoters by the Builder from time to time.
    b) Payment made by the Builder/Promoter from time to time with detailed Vouchers for the payments made along with proper Receipts.
    c) The amountheld by the Builder/Promoter in cash and in bank.
    d) Expenses proposed to be incurred till Registration of the Society.
    e) Deposits made with Municipal Corporation, BEST/BSES and such other Government Authorities regarding non-agricultural tax.
  • Correspondance with the Electric Company regarding electric connections, able, etc. expenses and entries thereof-
  • Sanctioned Municipal Plan of the Society Building with amendments, if any.
  • I.O.D. for the same issued earlier.
  • Detailed analysis and break-up from Local Ward Office regarding fixation of Rateable Value and details about each flat/shop/garage pertaining to area, rateable value and how to arrive at the final assessment.
  • List of items to be carried out as per the sanctioned plan, for example, construction of compound wall with the adjoining plot etc.   

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