Thu, Oct 24, 2019
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Registration Registration

How to Register your property, where to register it and how to verify that its registered correctly. Share your knowledge or get to know about it in this section.

Leave and License Agreement

How to get Leave and License agreement (L&L)

First a few fundamentals

1. What is a leave and license agreement --> Its a legal agreement between the landlord and the tenant for the terms and condition, etc. Its specifically called L&L and not rental or tenant agreement to avoid any tenancy rights issues for the landlord

2. Is it required to be registered --> Yes. It should be registered with the registrars office. Notarised agreement does not hold good when it comes to any legal issues or for presenting it in court. I have heard that for 11 month agreement, notarised one is enough but not sure on that.

3. Is a lawyer required to do the registration --> Officially no. There is no lawyer required. You just need a witness along with both of you in the registrar office.

Documents required

1. Rs 500/- stamp paper and the agreement on it

2. Identity proofs (passport, pan card, etc) for tenant and landlord

3. Address proof for landlord (current address)

4. Address proof for landlord of rented premises (electricit bill, index 2, etc)

5. 1 photograph each of landlord and tenent

6. Input form on the top (ideally should be available at the registrar office, but if not then any photocopy shop nearby has it for Rs 3/- or so.

Procedure (Aplicable to Pune)

1. On a Rs 500/- stamp paper, get the L&L agreement printed. The agreement should have details of the tenure, furniture (if any), fees, advance fees, etc.

2. At the end  of the document - put in both your names, left thumb prints and photos.

3. Below that add the name, phone number, address and signatures of two witnesses.

4. Get a DD of Rs 1,000 (it can vary depending on area, etc) from nationalised bank in the name of Sub registrar haveli no 4.

4. Go to and search for your locations registrar office. (Do not follow the online process as that's a trap. The offices are not equipped for it and you will have to run around from one office to another to get your work done)

5. Go to the registrar office in the morning and get a token (appointment). You will be given a document number. Wait for your turn.

6. Once called the landlord(s), tenant and witness need to be present at the office. The pages of agreement including all attachments will be counted and fees charged accordingly.


Documents required for Cooperative Housing Society Registration

Documents to be handed over to a cooperative housing society on being registered.

  • A list of sold and unsold flats, shopd, garages with the area and value of each.
  • Bank Balance Certificate
  • Building Occupation Certificate.
  • A Certificate regarding clear and marketable Title of the Property from a Solicitor / Advocate of good standing.Stat
  • Correspondance regarding Municipal Assessment of the Property by the Municipal taxes, that includes fixation of Reteable Value papers.
  • Detailed Statement of Accounts of:
    a) The amount collected from the Promoters by the Builder from time to time.
    b) Payment made by the Builder/Promoter from time to time with detailed Vouchers for the payments made along with proper Receipts.
    c) The amountheld by the Builder/Promoter in cash and in bank.
    d) Expenses proposed to be incurred till Registration of the Society.
    e) Deposits made with Municipal Corporation, BEST/BSES and such other Government Authorities regarding non-agricultural tax.
  • Correspondance with the Electric Company regarding electric connections, able, etc. expenses and entries thereof-
  • Sanctioned Municipal Plan of the Society Building with amendments, if any.
  • I.O.D. for the same issued earlier.
  • Detailed analysis and break-up from Local Ward Office regarding fixation of Rateable Value and details about each flat/shop/garage pertaining to area, rateable value and how to arrive at the final assessment.
  • List of items to be carried out as per the sanctioned plan, for example, construction of compound wall with the adjoining plot etc.