Thu, Oct 24, 2019
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Passport Passport

Traveling out of the country, get a passport.Read all about it in this section.

How to Re-issue your passport in Tatkal

Contrary to popular belief, re-issue of your passport in tatkal scheme is failry simple process provided you have the necessary documents. So what do you do for this

  1. Go to the website
  2. Out of the 14 documents listed, you need any three. Out of these three atleast one should have your photo. 
  3. Once you have these documents, you additonally need an affidavit in Annexure I. This is also quite simple. Go to a notary and get it done on a stamp paper. 
  4. Once you have ensrued that you have the above four, go to and fill out the online form to get an appointment. This is the preferred way as this avoids any spelling mistakes in your new passport.