Thu, Oct 24, 2019
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Birth & Death Birth & Death

Be it a good news or a sad news, its got to be registered with the government. Sometimes you also need to re-issue these certificates. Read how to do all these and more in this section.

How to get a Birth Certificate

The Legal Requirement - As per the law of Registration of Birth and Death, it is mandatory to register every birth/stillbirth with the concerned State/UT Government within 21 days of its occurrence. If you don't do that then you have to pay a fine and also the procedure becomes a bit lengthy.

Procedure : In most big hospitals, you will get a hospital certificate which gives the details of the birth of your child in short. In case you get this certificate then it is quite convenient to get the certificate. If not then there is an additional step of verification involved.

Assuming you have the hospital certificate, go to the branch or main office of corporation and go to the birth and death window. They will ask you to fill a small form, attach the hospital certificate and submit it along with a nominal fee and specify the language in which you want it

Remember to get atleast 5-6 copies. They give that at a small extra fee per copy but that helps during school admissions :-)

If the corporation computers are up and working then you will get the certificate in a day (at least in case of my son I submitted in morning and got it in evening :-) ). In case you do not have the hospital certificate then it might take longer as they will have to verify with the hospital first.