Thu, Oct 24, 2019
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UID Aadhar Card UID Aadhar Card

Articles on how to get the technologically foolproof unique ID card - the Aadhar card

How to get the Aadhar Card

This is one card where there are no signs of corruption, possibly because Nandan Nilekhani is heading this :-) . Also, out of habit, people stand in queues, but that is actually not required in this case. They give appointments and you go on that time and your work will get done in 30-45 minutes.


1. First of all get the form for this. Each areas has a seperate form so get the form from a Aadhar outlet in your area.

2. They normally give 1 form per family, so you have to photocopy it for all other members

3. Fill in the form, attach a photocopy of address proof and photo identity and carry those originals with you.

4. Before going to center ensure there are no injuries, etc on your fingers.

5. Go to the center on your appointment time, they will take all 10 finger prints, retina scan and feed in the data. You have to review it there itself and give a ok.

6. On submission they will give receipt and thats it, you are done.

You can also get in touch with the Aadhar folks to have dedicated outlets for your housing society or company. They will come to your society and get it done. There is no trace of corruption here. Only thing is that they take limited numbers per day, the intent I think is possibly to avoid mistake and do it right the first time. So be patient for your appointment and it will get done.