Thu, Oct 24, 2019
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Ration Card Ration Card

No one uses it anymore but you still need it as proof for various things. Read how to get it or modify it in this section.

How to get a Ration Card

Types of Ration Cards: There are two types of ration card. One is Blue card for people below poverty line ( income less than about 10 thousand per year) and a white card for those above poverty line. As you might have guessed, the Blue card allows extra priveleges like kerosene, cheap foodgrains, etc whereas the white card is mostly for documentary purpose. You can use it for getting a HP gas connection, as a proof of residence, etc

How to get a Ration Card :

  1. Get the form for the ration card from the branch and main office of your corporation
  2. Prepare an affidavit stating that your name is not included in any other card (This is nothing but a letter on a stamp paper signed by a notary). In case your name is already included somewhere, then get it removed and get a certificate to that effect. This is called a Surrender Certificate
  3. Submit the following along with the form
    1. 2 or 3 passport size photo graphs of the head of the family (don't remember the exact number)
    2. Residence proof like phone bill, electiricy bill, etc
    3. Identity proof (e.g. passport, Voter card, PAN card, driving license, etc)
    4. Surrender certificate / Affidavit mentioned in point 2
  4. Submit the form and they will tentatively tell you when the food inspector will visit your residence.
  5. In a week or so the food inspector visits your residence and verifies that you stay there. In most cases bribes are not required as you are applying for a white card.
  6. Once the visit is done you can visit or call the corporation office and ask them when you can collect it. Thats it, you should get your ration card.